Why Camp?

From the first camps in the late 1800s to the present day, youth camps have been uniquely used of God to challenge young people to consider their personal relationship with the one, true, and living God, and to surrender their lives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Below are several reasons why camp works:

  • Eliminates the distractions of the modern conveniences of life

  • Promotes a higher level of Christian living to young people

  • Provides clean entertainment

  • Develops a spiritual appetite

  • Encourages contact with God’s creation

  • Provides a concentrated Bible emphasis

  • Places an emphasis on strengthening the local church

  • Encourages Christian fellowship 

  • Provides an opportunity for young people to strenthen their relationship with campers, youth workers, and their pastor


Join us for a week this summer to see what
God will do in the lives of your young people.