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   Dr. Clarence Sexton
   Founder & President, The Crown College of the Bible

Summer 2018 promises to be a great opportunity for Christian Camping at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp here in Pottsboro, Texas. Last summer we saw God save many souls and witnessed the Holy Spirit's work in the decisions made by hundreds of campers.

We are excited about the summer God has for us at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp. We are also praying that God will greatly use His Word through this ministry in the lives of young people.  Please pray about joining us this summer at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp.
If you have any questions, you may reach us through the information on the Contact Us page under the Resources tab aboveYou will find 2018 registration information under the resources and registration tabs of this site. If you are a pastor in the Dallas / Fort Worth or southern Oklahoma area and would like the Camp Staff to minister in your church during summer weekend Sundays, please contact Dr. Julian Evans.


Lake Texoma 2018 Contact Information

Dr. Julian G. Evans
Director, Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp
Student Activities, The Crown College of the Bible
(865) 776-3384
2018 Camp Schedule

Temple Baptist Church

Crown College

Faith for the Family

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  • Jul16

    Trinity Junior

    Monday - Friday, Jul 16 - 20, 2018

    Speaker: Trinity Pastors

  • Jul23

    Trinity Spanish

    Monday - Friday, Jul 23 - 27, 2018

    Speaker: Marc Johnston

  • Jul30

    Facility Closedown

    Monday, Jul 30 - Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018

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